Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Requiem of a sports fan

Over the past five or so years I have seen a lot of soccer games. And in almost every one of them a team has lost. Even in the occasional tied game there is the lurking element that it is a kind of loss for both teams because ties in soccer are worth so much less than a win. So then let's just say that in every single one of this vast array of games I have had to watch a team lose.

It happened yesterday.

It happened today.

And it will, ugh, happen tomorrow.

I am too sensitive for this! I already bear a burden of grief. Where am I supposed to put all these losers? How big a heart do you think I have?

That last question was directed to god. I don't expect you to answer. Though go ahead if you like because god sure as hell won't be stepping up.

Excuse me. Let me just take a deep breath.


I am a strong person.

I think I could handle this. I have resources to draw on. I believe in myself.

I could probably endure a team losing in every game of soccer I watch. If only it wasn't so freakishly often the team I want to win.


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling blue. Don't worry! It will all get better soon!

    Of the teams remaining, who is your favorite? Did you see that Argentina plays Brazil tonight? I am back from my trip and ready to watch some soccer!!!!! First the women, then a quick round of errands, then back to the couch! Please let me know if there are any storylines I should look for--outside of the splendid new action hero Megan Rapinoe. Do you think Argenina has a chance?

    1. Yes, well, talk about doom... I would be thrilled if Messi could pull out a masterclass and surprise Brazil- it would do much to assuage my sense of constant doom. I dream... but it's Argentina and I expect the worst. Where there is Messi there is hope but, no, we're doomed. As to women's, well, I kind of like The Netherlands, watch that Lieke Martens! And if England can exploit the shaky American back line, we could see a surprise. I hear the US aren't starting Rapinoe to put in someone speedier to counteract Lucy Bronze, the English right back who has been brilliant.


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