Friday, July 26, 2019

The mensch

One of my co-workers here at the library is a real mensch. He is really the only person that I ever follow on the big check in machine who will take care of things ahead of time for me. He'll go out of his way to lessen the workload for people coming after him.

"He's such a mensch!" I'll say.

The first time I realized this person was a mensch I went to my nearest co-worker and said excitedly "So and so is such a mensch!" And then they looked at me funny cause I used a Jewish word and they're anti-Semitic.

Well, I'm not sure they're actually anti-Semitic, but they could be. It's on the rise you know.

So this mensch is a good guy, and he's very nice, I mean he's a mensch, but oddly he seems to enrage the occasional library patron. There are, every once in awhile, library patrons who seem to unreasoningly despise him. I have never seen him give any cause for this. He's pretty nice and even-tempered in any situation. But I have seen people, not many, and of no particular type either, who really really don't like him. I've seen notes he's left behind on patron records that say things like "Told patron book was on hold and so not renewable. Patron called me a 'fucking asshole' and hung up".

Which is odd, because he's such a mensch.

And I'm going to stick with that one, about him being a mensch, though maybe with a little asterisk after the mensch part, just until I can figure it all out.

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