Thursday, August 1, 2019

Accidental recommendation

Yesterday I told you about how the requested books I go pull off the shelves for people, from our holds list, are particularly appealing. And so it was today I found a book called Sum, forty tales from the afterlives by David Eagleman. Ten years old, it is a beat up paperback describing a witty, poetic string of various afterlives. Time magazine says on the cover "...and be amazed". The first part of that quote is covered over by our library barcode, but you get the drift. There are no other books by this author on the shelf. I managed to read six or seven of these afterlives, standing out there in the stacks, and I liked them very much. I liked them enough to contemplate reading the whole book.

It is, of course, on hold for someone else, but I could request it. However, if I were to request it it would limit the time the requester would have with the book, preventing them from renewing it. And so I elected not to: this hardly seems a kind thing to do to the person who so thoughtfully brought the book to my attention.

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