Thursday, August 8, 2019

For a good book

There sure are a lot of books. Especially when one works at a library. I work at a library and I am fascinated. Seriously, I am wildly, deeply fascinated by every single book here. Meaty, pretty, battered, interesting things. I would read them all!

Some I read the spine, some I don't. Some I pick up, some I don't. Some I open, some I don't. I would read them all. If only...

...If only they were all the exact length of my interest.

I am writing to you now facing a wall of roughly a thousand books. And there are a thousand books at my back. We have, very roughly, 2,000 books in a row here. Fourteen rows in fiction, so 28,000 books or so in all. And at the precise length of my interest I would not turn down a single one.

Most would be a sentence or two, a paragraph. To open a book and find two or three pages would be a delight. And if I pulled off a book with heft to it? If the spine was full of paper? If I opened a book to find page after page of white and black in its mysterious, intelligible patterns, all numbering on and on into the the hundreds?

Oh how my heart would pound.

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