Saturday, August 24, 2019

The late revelation

I guess you already know this. Maybe I knew it and somehow lost it along the way. It has to do with The White Stripes.

I can't believe I didn't know it. I'm almost embarrassed. I''m a little embarrassed.

The White Stripes is one of the very few bands I've ever been wildly enthusiastic about contemporaneously with their heyday. It creates a special bond. I am extremely well acquainted with their oeuvre. That's the background.

This morning my family was sitting down to breakfast.

There are just two people in my family. It's perfect.

And with coffee and the sad impending moving on with our days coming up we fell to chatting. The White Stripes came up after Dolly Parton came up. We discussed The White Stripes lowered profile these days. There's always been a strain of people mistakenly believing that, while it's cool to like The White Stripes, it's a bit of special cool not to. I find it disrespectful considering they were the last rock band.

RIP, rock n roll. 

It was great. Mostly.

But as a counter to their lowered profile we did briefly touch on the sheer iconographic power of Seven Nation Army, their master hit, which led to a brief discussion, almost naturally, of riffs.

Then my wife had to gather things for leaving. I went to wash my cold press glass. I was humming the simple, yet astonishingly catchy and powerful guitar line. So few notes, and yet so utterly magical. 

"Hey, I wonder how many notes" I thought. 





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