Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Another one, also not funny

So then I was leafing through the new copy of The New Yorker, not a magazine I particularly like, and lo and behold there was a hunter cartoon. It was much like the vision I related to you a day or two ago in that it involved a hunter showing off his wall mounted heads to a visitor. Mine ended with a tree branch, theirs with a human head. It was also similar in that theirs wasn't particularly funny, but perhaps that wasn't the point with either of them.

And then I got the idea for another one!

This one with bears.

The proud hunter is showing off his trophy heads, these, as I said, all of bears. They come to the first one. It's a bear. It's black. The hunter says "That's black bear."

The visitor nods.

Next there's a cute black and white head mounted beautifully to the right of the first. "That's Panda." The hunter says almost without shame.

Then it's on to a rather huge and fearsome white bear. "That's Polar Bear." The hunter says self satisfiedly. The visitor nods in appreciation. It looks ferocious.

Finally they come to a trophy bust so savage and torn up as to be unrecognizable. An eyeball dangles bloodily from its socket. Brains leak through a cracked skull, and muscle and sinew is visible through hideous slashes and tears in the poor animals face.

"Yes," the hunter intones gravely, "That's grizzly."

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