Monday, September 9, 2019

Runs on cash

One of my favorite things about my library is that all our printing, copiers, and used book sales are operated on an honor system. There is no money to insert to make things work. There is no one a person has to see about it to make it work. And we get to operate on a completely trust based system. I'm not saying it works perfectly. Not everyone is honorable. But by charging the library standard extreme capitalist mark-up (Library cost: two cents, Cost generally charged by libraries: 20 cents) we have a lot of wiggle room to make up for the ethically impaired.

Speaking of ethically impaired, what kind of library charges 20 cents for two cent copy?

All of them pretty much.

But at least at my library we give you the dignity of figuring you're good for it, whoever you are.

"Do you have a copy machine?"

"Yes, back there. Help yourself."

Looking searchingly for how it works the patron asks "Is it coin operated?"

Pointing to the nearby lockbox, "No, it's virtue operated."

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