Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Murphy's Law of book series

I know I titled this "The Murphy's Law of book series", but more privately I consider it The Lockwood and Company Theorem.

Lockwood and Co. is a five book middle grade series by Jonathan Stroud and it is absolutely brilliant. It is a bit of Halloween come to life, but just this safe side of too scary for me, more the Disney's Haunted House kind of scary. Ghost scary, not bloody scary. The characters are appealing, real, Victorian fantasy perfection. The plot excellently assembled on both the short and long term. I've read it all twice and just bringing it up here makes me kind of want to go get these books for another round. Maybe I can bring a copy of the first book on my wife and I's upcoming Halloween trip to Italy.

But that's just an aside, and the Lockwood and Company books are just a good example of the first half of the theorem for me. The Lockwood and Company Theorem is this:

If you are at a library, or a book store I suppose, and you find a magnificently appealing book series you feel you might intensely enjoy, if you bring home only the first volume you will love it and bitterly rue that you did not bring home the rest, but if you bring home all the volumes you will not like it at all.

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