Monday, October 14, 2019

100 greatest albums of all time

I have for some time kicked around the idea in my head that I would run a series here of the 100 greatest albums of all time. And now I've decided to actually do it. So if you despise music, now might be a good time to check out of this blog for awhile. I'm thinking about three weeks or so. I won't have done all 100 by then, but I will probably have temporarily exhausted myself and need to write about Florence, Italy for awhile. At which point, if you hate Florence it might be a good time to check out of this blog for awhile.

Viewed through a certain lens I am primarily providing people subject based opportunities to not read my blog. And it's working! There's just you now. No pressure.

So here is how our album survey will go. It will not be in order. It is not a ranking. This is not the best 100 albums, rather it is 100 albums, each of which is the single greatest album ever made. Each album will be one I have listened to and thought:

"This is the greatest album ever."

And meant it.

As a twist on my usual anti-linking I will, if possible, provide some kind of link to a (hopefully) representative song from the album. Probably on YouTube. If you love the album in question and buy it I will get...


Why should I?

Oh? Really? I never thought of that. That's kind of touching. Thank you.

See you tomorrow then with our first album, which is: 


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