Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Maytag commercial

For the first two-thirds of my career in library work the librarians' job was way better than mine. And like all people in a hierarchical system, these librarians weren't particularly gracious about it. Because of this I mildly resented them. But for the last third of my career here not only do I find there is not much to choose between our respective jobs, but parts of our jobs are so overlapped that, functionally, I am a librarian much of the time.

So I have mellowed regarding them, though I still like to make a bit of fun of them in this space when I can, for old times sake.

And so we come to today. Being busy with shelving and a variety of things I was much back and forth across our main reference desk upstairs. Every time I passed a sad looking librarian was sitting there with nothing to do. Nobody needed their help. No one was asking for assistance.

"Internet stole your job?" I wanted to ask. But I didn't. 

I felt too sorry for them.

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