Friday, October 4, 2019

Diverse books showcase

I am super excited about my library's diverse books showcase. I think diversity is so important and I'm so pleased that the library system I work for has been obsessively nattering on about the value of diversity. I'm all for it! More diversity! Let's celebrate diversity. I haven't had a chance to get over to this new diverse books showcase, but I'm already imagining all the wonderful things I'll see there:

Round books that bounce!
Books printed on chocolate!
Heavy exercise books you have to wrestle with to read!
Books printed on sheets of flower petals!
Books that only show up under ultra-violet light!
Books written in smells!
Books that purr and walk around!
Microscopic books!
Books designed to disintegrate after one reading!
Collapsible books you can put in a tiny pocket!
Books you have to write part of yourself!
Secret books you have to put on a turntable and spin to read!
Books filled with helium that float in the air and make your voice funny when you read them aloud!

Sometimes I'm just so proud of my library!

Come check it out, the diverse books showcase.

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