Saturday, October 26, 2019

Exciting theme announced!

Yesterday, right here, in this very space, where you are right now, metaphorically at least, though you might actually be in the same exact physical space, like, on a computer at the same desk or something, unless of course you read these in batches, in which case instead of yesterday it was a minute ago, though if it was that you are surely in the same space, but anyway, yesterday, or a minute ago, I teased the exciting new theme that, unlike the challenging, demanding theme of writing about the greatest albums ever, a theme I've now put on hold, would allow me to write the necessary 11 remaining blogposts that would keep my blog going while my wife and I were off, detached from the Internet, exploring the little known Italian city called Florence, and though I teased this new theme yesterday, or a minute ago, and at the time didn't know what it was going to be, in the course of writing this I have indeed discovered the perfect theme that will facilitate the quick, effective, and winning writing of nearly a dozen new, exciting, interesting, easy to read blogposts, all written under the same surprising, unifying theme that this post itself has already employed, that is the theme of, well maybe not "theme", more like rule, but I mean the same thing by either of them, and that theme or rule is: 

Only one sentence. 

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