Thursday, October 31, 2019

Florence generic cafe review

By the time you read this my wife and I will be in Florence.  I am reading a lot of reviews in preparation for this trip. I find these compelling, occasionally useful, contradictory, truly pointless, and addictive. Along with the travel vlogs I watch I feel I have a sense for the collective tone and quality of these reviews as a kind of ur-review, the ultimate review that sums up each category of establishment. Today we will continue with the generic cafe review.

Generic Florence Cafe Review

5 Stars

If you are looking for an Italian coffee place look no further than this. This is a classic, old school, order an espresso and knock it back at the counter kind of place. We loved it here and adopted it as our neighborhood place and before you knew it we were pals with Luigi and the gang. We went here many mornings and I would almost always order their omelette with avocado, which was delicious. They had full American breakfast too, which is nice for a taste of home. We got pasta here once and it was quite tasty, and their pizza is to die for. You can get it by weight to go! A couple times we dropped in later and they had live music and great cocktails. We actually clubbed it a bit there because it's kind of a happening scene, though maybe a young crowd for us. 

It would not be right to not say that their gelato is amazing. It's super rich for gelato, and they have this great hazelnut chocolate sauce people line up for in the mid afternoon cause it's homemade and they always run out. If you go for dinner (very recommended) definitely get reservations, that is unless you go early or late, but if you get in you won't regret ordering the bistecca. And don't forget to bring your swim trunks because their swimming pool's a surprise, but it's pretty cool.

Also they make their own beer which is great, because there aren't a ton of microbreweries in Florence yet. We definitely plan on checking out their dart tournament. It's also a good place for Karaoke. 

They sell some really nice shoes too, so check that out.

Such a great cafe!

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