Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Most are welcome here

One of our more complicated library patrons was in yesterday. I like him in the way one might like a dangerous, but not necessarily evil animal, admiring their energy and uniqueness. This is a person renowned throughout the State for his interest in... policy, for his monumental persistence and willingness to take things all the way, and for his surfer-like obsession in riding the waves and edges of what is allowed.

I do for him whatever he wants as long as it is not an egregious violation of rules- one that would have unfair repercussions on other library patrons. But he never really wants egregious violations of rules. What he is generally looking for is

     a. the enforcement of pointless, contradictory and/or indefensible policies.
     b. the enforcement of policies that aren't actually explicit policies.
     c. specious refusals.

I'm okay with this.

But he has a lot of special requests, so I was busy with him for awhile.

Seeing as I was at the front desk with one of my younger colleagues, and not one entirely averse to guidance, I decided to explain and instruct.

"You know Mr. X." I said, referring to the notorious patron. "I find it easier to just give him anything he wants, as long as it's not egregious or unfair."

She nodded knowingly and then I went in for the lesson/punchline:

"Just like I do for anyone."

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