Wednesday, October 16, 2019

T-shirt interlude

I can't say that people in Minnesota freely express their feelings. There is something here called "Minnesota Nice" which has to do with pretending to be nice while concealing all other feelings. But like any repressed feeling, the ones in Minnesota must find a way out. So they appear on t-shirts. 

I'm taking this brief interlude from the 100 greatest albums of all time to mention an appealing pair of these expressive t-shirts I saw at the library yesterday. Both were in GIANT letters.

The first was on a woman whose shirt boldly proclaimed 


I mean, I guess it was a tad chilly.

The second was a man who came up to the front desk. His shirt had paw prints running down the sleeve and another large saying on it:

"No outfit is complete without a few cat hairs."

He was checking out a book about a cat. 

He was dressed for it.


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