Friday, October 25, 2019

The Florence plan

In the great unbroken streak of this blog (thousands of days in a row with a new post every day) I have had to contend with a few large vacation trips. My strategy has generally been suited to my personality. I have crammed, writing 10 or 15 or even 35 blog posts over the course of a few days, arranging them to steadily release during my vacation. To do this I usually come up with a scheme, like an imagined account of my trip ahead of time, or getting drunk, or a theme like the hundred greatest albums of all time.

That last one is my current device. As you have been reading over the last several days I have listed off albums, each one the greatest album of all time. It has taken me all the way to today, October 25, sadly a mere four or five days into our trip to Florence. And then I realized: 

These take a long time to write! 

They take longer than the posts with no theme whatsoever!

I have to remember these albums, listen to these albums, research them, compose thematically in harmony with them, think about what they mean in relation to the other albums, all music, life on earth, I have to edit them into sensibility, and I have to explain why why why. It's complicated.

In short I need a new scheme!

I've got to get moving. I have mere hours left. I need a scheme, a plan, an approach so fool-proofed that each successive blog post writes itself.

Oh, you thought these already write themselves?

No, I write them. That's why I keep mentioning me in them, hoping I can have just a tiny bit of the credit.

But it's easy to miss, I guess. They're all just so natural and free flowing, like a beautiful cool breeze flowing through the Internet. The faint sent of flowers and lemons edging around your computer as the clouds billow and...

What's that?

Oh, sorry. Right. We rather drifted off there, didn't we?

We're here to announce our exciting new theme. It's perfect. You will be amazed and full of delighted wonder. No, seriously, it is a great theme.

I'll tell you tomorrow when I think of it.

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