Sunday, October 27, 2019

Theme revision

Yesterday I set forth a scheme for writing a lot of blogposts in a short time for a long trip. The scheme, or theme, or rule was: Only one sentence per post.

It took three hours to write the first one. It just went on and on. It was long and packed with confusing commas. I kept having to figure out where I was in it and how not to stop. Plus, I like sentences. I love them! Look, here's one. Here's another! Sentences are like breathing. It's way easier to do them regularly than to do one big one for a long time. 

Hemingway knows. So does Michael Phelps.

So I have a new theme. It's to write as many sentences as I want!

No, that can't be right. Isn't that just regular blogging?

I guess I can try that. Not that there's much of a market for it.

Ah well, someone's gotta put these Easter eggs into the Internet. Might as well be me.

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