Friday, November 29, 2019

Floor comedy

I've had a cold. It's okay. No need to fuss, I mean, beyond a little fussing. Surely a little fussing is okay. Also, it's a vacation weekend. So what I'm saying is there's a lot of lazing about sniffling and sneezing and blowing my nose. More industrious things like keeping up with my blogposts at the highest possible level, or keeping the house clean, feel the strain.

So imagine my relief when, while blowing my nose, my lovely wife got out a broom to give our floor a quick once over. Not only was there stuff all over our floor, but every single time anyone around here takes out the old broom and dustpan to clean our floor I invariably seem to come up with a blog post idea.

Although to be honest I think that might be a bit of a sweeping generalization.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, though the cost of a cold for that most excellent pun might make the sniffles worth it!

    I have been fighting a bug the last few days, including light and persistent nausea, especially in the morning. I made the mistake of looking it up online and discovered that I am pregnant.

    1. You liked my pun?!!!!

      I'm sorry about the nausea, hate nausea! Still, it's been so long since you all had a new baby!


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