Saturday, November 30, 2019

For the birds

A crow goes to the airport because sometimes, don't you know, it's too much to fly all the way by yourself. He has a ticket. He goes through security. I mean, he's behaving properly even for a crow at an airport. He has, though, brought with him a squished, dead rabbit he found on the side of the road on the way to the airport for maybe a little snack later.

Boarding begins on the flight. The crow gets to the attendant and shows his ticket. But the agent only has eyes for the oozing dead rabbit. "You can't bring that thing onto the plane!" The agent cries.

The crow is confused. "What do you mean," He says. "I thought everyone was entitled to one item of carrion."


  1. I got my carrion bag at the Raptor Center at the U. I'm surprise at how seldom anyone comments.

    1. Might be one of those "too awesome for the human eye to observe" sort of things.


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