Saturday, December 28, 2019

Charging station

My library just got a new portable devices charging station. It's great for when you've lost or forgotten a cable! You just choose an available locker number on the key pad. Then it asks you for a six digit pin. I suggest something at least a little complicated. So I type in something semi-random. Then what I do is I enter the pin into my phone so I'll remember it. Then, at the charging station, it asks me to enter the pin again and, voila! The door pops open.

Inside my little locker there are three or four different charging cables hardwired in there. I choose the one that fits into my phone and plug it in. It's charging! Great. So I close the door (I'm in box number five) and off I go into the library to look at... stuff.

Then after a little bit I return to the charging station. I choose locker number five (I remembered!). Now I simply enter in the six digit pin and, where did I put that?



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