Sunday, December 1, 2019

Gelato withdrawl

I was thinking I'd pretty much covered every aspect of me and my wife's ten days in Florence. I mean, I remember coming home and writing furiously about it, in a fever, covering every last aspect of the storied city. Every event of importance was tabulated, referenced, evoked, measured, and indulged. And when the dust settled I turned to my bread and butter blog post subjects: like how the pen supply is holding up at the library I work at, or how that time walking along the river I saw a bird.

But even though I was pretty sure I covered everything in Florence, I had this sudden thought today:

"Wait." I thought (this was the sudden thinking part). "Did I write about the Bargello?"

"I'm pretty sure you wrote about everything." I replied to myself.

"That was my impression too, and yet I can't remember saying anything about The Bargello. What did I say about The Bargello?"

I became suddenly thoughtful at this. "I can't remember either." I said quietly.

So we decided we'd just... check.

After all, there were two of us.

Although strangely we only seemed able to do one thing at a time.


It turns out we hadn't written about The Bargello.

In fact, it turns out that all I wrote about Florence, since our return, was gelato. Nothing else. 

I wrote 297 blogposts, over the course of 19 days, strictly about the gelato of Florence. That's it! No cafes, no museums, no shops, no ruminations about tourism, population density, cappuccino, wealth, or the surrounding hills. I didn't talk about Spritzes, smoothies, Saints, Savonarola, or street markets, good or bad. No. It was all gelato, 297 times over.  In almost three weeks after our return from Florence I wrote a post about gelato for, on average, every single one of my waking hours.

So I guess I still have a few things to talk about regarding Florence in the days ahead. Stay tuned! Bargello review incoming! And, like, for instance, did I mention the coffee gelato at Dei Neri?

Oh. I did?


That's a lot of times.

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