Friday, December 20, 2019


It might surprise you to know just how often I shy away from politics on clerkmanifesto. 

All that black blood...

And all that disappointment.

So let's see what I can gently do with this:

It seems safe to say that as you read this the 45th President of The United States of America will have just recently been impeached in The House of Representatives.

There is a lot that I could go into here. There are a lot of dark and angry things to say. There is hope and despair. But we are not here for all of that.

We're here to help.

I know that very few people out there read all that much about politics, and I know that the casual sources for it, which seem like they're supposed to be clarifying, are actually calmly designed to confuse. So even though everyone likes to pretend they know what this Impeachment thing is all about, the unadulterated basics are too often skipped over. So here, simply and without judgement or rancor is what happened:

Donald Trump's parents were killed by a rhinoceros. He was sent to live in a white house with his Aunts McConnell and Pence. He was sad. But then a huge peach grew on a tree in the yard. The peach grew bigger than the whole house! The President isn't allowed to visit the peach but one night he goes out to look at it and there's a hole in it. It's a tunnel! He crawls inside and finds that it leads all the way to room in a hollow pit.

That's where we are now.

He's impeached.

What's happening in that peach in anyone's guess at this point.

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