Tuesday, December 3, 2019


After a week in which a cold, holidays, and inclement weather conspired to keep my wife and I largely, and contentedly, indoors, Monday came. They say all good things must come to an end. They say a lot of stuff. Some of it is even right.

So after days of peacefully watching rain, freezing rain, hail, slushy snow, and snow fall out our windows a new day dawned bright blue and sunlight exploded off the downtown buildings. The sidewalks twinkled at me. Smashed cars littered the sides of the road. And I was off to walk to work.

Here is the beautiful thing about walking to work: It's inspirational! My mind is fecund in the fresh air. The birds stimulate me. The River stirs me. I am a font of blog posts. For a solid hour I walk along thinking of fabulous new ideas all to bring here and write down for the world to see!

Except today, for a solid hour, during my walk I thought only one thing:

"Don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall."

Oh well, it was still good for one blog post. 

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