Monday, December 16, 2019

Occam's Razor for the holidays

In the middle of a bright, short Winter afternoon at the library today some mysterious purple, red, and green lights appeared, shining on parts of the library staircase. Being who I am I called it to the attention of several people; co-workers, random patrons, whoever was around the desk at the time. It was not apparent what could be causing these strange glows. And there was a fair bit of speculation. The most popular theory seemed to have something to do with our clerestory windows and refracted light. I couldn't go along with it, and I felt in this day and age where rational science is too easily shunted aside, it's important to let people know. I'm more of a scientific, Occam's Razor kind of person.

So I thought it was poltergeist, celebrating Christmas.

But I think all the crazy explanations are fun too.

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