Thursday, December 12, 2019

Raining diamonds

I went outside for my walk this morning and it was very cold. But I am aware that "very cold" is going to mean vastly different things to the various constituents of my readership scattered across the globe. In Ojai and New Orleans it might mean it's a good time to bring in for the night the tropical fruits being grown in pots in the front yard. In Thailand it suggests throwing on a t-shirt. In Vladivostok it means that everything outside is now completely dead, but since all my readers in Vladivostok are trolling Internet bots, they are little affected by such considerations as this.

However here, here in Minnesota, it means that my eyes water in the fierce, sub zero wind. Tears roll down my cheeks until they freeze solid. Then they fall off and bounce lightly into the hard-packed snow.

But don't worry. It's still Fall. We'll get ourselves some real cold in the next few months to come.

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