Saturday, January 18, 2020

Best laid plans

I went up to shelve a cart of non fiction at my library.

"I don't feel like standing up in the stacks writing a blog post." I thought.

"I don't feel like reading any books." I thought.

"I know what I'll do. I'll shelve this whole, giant, fat cart of non fiction books as fast as I can!"

So I took the first book sequentially on my cart, Basics of Drawing, 741.2 V, and looked for its spot on the shelf. 

741.2 B, 
741.2 D, 
741.2 L, 
741.2 K. 

So I switched the "K" and the "L" to their proper places. 


741.2 R, 
741.5 S, 
741.2 S. 

So I removed the 741.5 S, found its location a shelf and a half down, and shelved it. 


741.2 T, 

and then there was my spot!

I shelved my book. One down and

Then I wrote this.

Also I couldn't help but notice there was an interesting book of conversations with Flannery O'connor on my cart for when I'm done.

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