Monday, January 20, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day my wife and I went to a celebration of said day at the University. It was the 39th MLKJ celebration/performance they've done in a row at the very lovely, but strangely obscure, Ted Mann Concert Hall, overlooking the Mississippi River. Coincidentally this 39th celebration, which is older than the holiday itself, is now actually the same age as MLKJ was when he died. This significance should have made it a really good show. 

It didn't.

The theme of this strangely unfocused show, which included an all white gospel choir of five or six people, a small brass band, a singing radio announcer, and a dance performance of young people reenacting the bombing of a church in Alabama in the sixties, as far as I could tell, was: Care about your neighbor.

While adjusting my jacket I did smile weakly once at the guy sitting behind me, so maybe it was all better than I thought.

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