Monday, January 27, 2020

So you want to read a blog redux

Yesterday we established that what with all the time you spend on the Internet poking about and shopping and doing your job and stuff it might be nice to follow an engaging and educational blog.

We also established that while for a few weeks, 13 years ago, blogs were all the rage, there is, sadly, only one true blog left now. Which is sad, because blogs are so so good. Oh my god, they are like, soooo good! They are heaven! Blogs are amazing. Blogs make the Internet worthwhile! I would like to read one so much!

"Hey," You probably wonder, "Why don't you read that one blog that is still on the Internet?"

Because I have to write it!

Which is kind of its own fun, but...

Oh, I know, you can read it!

I mean, at least for a few days until you get tired of it.

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