Thursday, February 20, 2020

Blue no matter who

President Trump.

I don't know if I've ever said that before, all plain and true. An American fact. President Trump.

We live in a dark timeline. But at some point one has to admit that it's real. Maybe that point of recognition is when one can see a sliver of light to aim for out of the darkness. As ugly as this presidency is, and as ugly as the things are that it says about us as a nation, the reality is that out here in the middle classes life functions much the same way as it ever has. Yes, we edge towards the cliff, we slide inexorably towards it, but as inevitable as it sometimes feels, we haven't actually gone over it, yet. One moment is being given to us. There is one little shrub up ahead that we can still grab to save ourselves, or maybe there are six shrubs and now is the time to choose which one to aim for. If we aim we can grab it as we slide down to the edge of that cliff. We can catch ourselves. And then maybe, maybe we can work our way back up.

For myself I would like us to grab a sturdy little tree, with a clear path away from the cliff. A Sanders tree, maybe, with tough old roots, hanging on, fiercely pointing it's way to a dangerous, untrod, rocky path, directly away from that perilous edge into something hopeful and new. That could maybe be a Warren tree too. Though the Warren tree seems less firm and its path eases in a more meandering, uncertain way from the cliff's edge.

Of course, if we have to, we could grab that Klobuchar bush, or the Buttigieg bush. They're sort of right on our way down, and we're kind of wishing we grabbed something like them a long while ago when we passed them by. The cliff didn't look so frightening at the distance we were at back then. It didn't feel real. We maybe didn't act with urgency. The cliff seems so much scarier close up, after staring at it for a few years. And those sad little Buttigieg and Klobuchar bushes look like they'll probably hold us where we are for a little bit, if we don't get too much rain, if things stay very calm for awhile. I don't see any kind of a path up from them, but maybe we can just hang on for a spell? Maybe someone will come and rescue us?

There's that Biden creeping vine right at the cliff edge too. It might hold. We can always grab that one as we go over the edge. Then we can dangle over the abyss, hanging on with one hand, and think about what we did wrong. I suppose it's better than falling to our death right away. Where there's life there's hope?

And then of course there's that Bloomberg shrub that has started appearing right before us. I mean it is right there. Low paid laborers are putting them everywhere. Yes, it doesn't look trustworthy, but hey, this is a desperate situation. And it's right directly in front of our faces. We just keep sliding towards that cliff edge and when the moment comes maybe the Bloomberg shrub will be the only way to...

Hey! Wait a second. That's not a shrub.

It's a tumbleweed!

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