Sunday, February 23, 2020

Drinking too much with Bob Dylan

When Dylan is in town we go out drinking on Thursday afternoons. On this particularly cold, sunny one we were at a pretty Art Nouveau bar in Cathedral Hill called W.A. Frost. For some reason we were drinking Green Chartreuse on the rocks. Green Chartreuse is an intensely strong, unique herbal liqueur, and we were very drunk.

"I was the first person to put a harmonica in a wire frame and play it while playing a guitar." Bob said, apropos of nothing.

I was surprised. "Are you bragging?" I asked, slightly confused. I'd never heard him brag before.

He tried to make his irritated face, but he was too drunk to do it right. "It was 60 years ago." He rasped out almost like in a song. "And my neck still hurts."

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