Wednesday, February 19, 2020


I was in an upscale mall called The Galleria. I sat on a leather chair in a pretty room with a Southwestern theme. The music was good, Putting on the Ritz, a song I am most familiar with from Young Frankenstein, but that was nice to hear straight up. There was also a quite nice song with the line "Must I always, always be playing your fool?" 

Before me was a wide, heavily bronze framed, giant eight foot tall mirror. It showed most of the store and a view out into the mall and on to the front of a glasses store across the way.

And then it struck me; maybe because the mirror was so big, that, like any mirror, it showed a strangely realistic view of the world, true to what I see everyday. Only it had one peculiar and oddly unreal exception:

 I appeared in it.

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