Friday, February 21, 2020

Old blogposts I have written

Sometimes, just when it's time for me to go to bed, I instead start reading old blog posts I have written. I meet with a mixed success when I do this. "Who will I be this time?" I wonder. Will I be the idiosyncratic genius who by some miracle has gone undiscovered despite posting 2,500 essays to the largest bulletin board in the history of human kind? Or will I be the dead cat?

It's a real Schrodinger's dilemma. It would maybe be wisest just to leave all those posts unlooked at, with both genius and failure true at the same time. But just, as I said, at the time I should go to bed, I am too curious for that approach. So I open up the box of blog posts and...

Curiosity kills the cat. 

Well it did last night at least.

Did you ever notice these essays are sometimes kind of hard to follow. That's what I noticed last night. It can be a lot of work to pay so much attention! One has to sound out every word I write in one's head. I make everyone look at every word! Of course, having written them all I have a vague sort of idea how they'll turn out in the end. So when things are really bad with reading the old blog posts late at night, and dead cats are everywhere, sometimes I start skimming. 

And doing that last night I finally came across a long forgotten idea of mine that I sort of liked. It was a proposal that only black people be allowed to be in and run the police department. I suppose in addition to offering a kind of mild, middle class reparations, it would mash up the perverse American bent for authoritarian indulgence and the fetishization of the police with, well, the fact that we're still insanely racist as a country. Like an acid and a base, both strong enough individually to eat through metal and corrode anything, combined they would neutralize each other.

It's a theory. 

But reading it made me start thinking of all kinds of antithetical solutions to our social problems. Developmentally disabled people could be our school teachers which would distract the students into helping them. An all atheist clergy would leaven the hysteria of religion. CEO's would be drawn from people with a proven ineptness at making money, which would help prevent companies from getting too large. Politicians could be taken strictly from those people no one would ever vote for. I'm not sure how that would work in a Democracy, but it would be interesting.

And then I had a strange thought:

Who would write clerkmanifesto?


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