Saturday, March 28, 2020

Authority Issues, a post from 3 years ago

Yes, I suppose it's true that I have "Authority" issues. You can even tell by the way I put "Authority" in quotes like that, as if to say "Right, what a bunch of bullshit." Perhaps a tip off to my  "Authority" issues is how relentlessly I try to be an "Authority" myself. Look at this blog sometimes. It's just kind of fishy.

One place my "Authority" issues really pops up is when someone I like dies. Tom Petty? Seriously, why would you kill Tom Petty? You don't like Free Fallin'? There is something really wrong with you if you don't like Free Fallin'.

I know the apologetics: Some must die so that others may live. We must make room for the new. It's the circle of life. Whatever. I don't need more babies. Enough with the babies already! I don't need any new people! I like the old people just fine! I'm crazy about the old people! Why can't we just get old for awhile and then get younger for awhile. We can just sort of oscillate into eternity.

But no, we'll all die instead. Wow, that's clever. Who's the genius who thought of that?

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