Sunday, March 1, 2020

If only there could be a picture of it

I have a pretty strict rule about not showing images here. They feel too easy somehow. They feel like cheating. But I ran into an old photo of Minneapolis, the city we gaze out our windows at. The picture is from almost a hundred years ago and I was so taken with it that I started thinking about making an exception to my rule so that I could include it in this very post. But to allow for an exception I felt I had to come up with a reason. So I tried the following reasons without success.

1. I write about Minneapolis quite a bit and this so perfectly and uniquely expresses the spirit of the city!

Alas, it actually expresses almost nothing about the spirit of the city.

2. It's Christmastime!

No. Unfortunately its not at all Christmastime. It's months past Christmastime.

3. I really really like elephants!

Fair enough, but I'm free to write about elephants all I like, which, after a 17 hour perusal of my 2,500 essays, I am embarrassed to say I have sorely neglected. So there is much left to say about them before I resort desperately to pictures.

4. My prohibition on pictures unfairly inhibits my marketing abilities for my blog.

I don't actually have any marketing abilities to inhibit.

So in the end I just sort of had to give up. No picture. If you were looking forward to it, well, I'm sorry, but it's not that great anyway, and as we have seen it's not that relevant to anything I have to say. In the end I don't want to just allow my carefully composed blog to descend into a loose-limbed, silly anarchy.



That already happened years and years ago! In fact, that's how it all started! My blog is like a, like a, like a...

Santa on a smiling elephant in The Twin Cities!


  1. What a cool photograph! I didn't realize the elephant was clothed until I looked closer. It made me think of the John Prine song about Sabu the elephant boy and his tour through the Midwest!

    1. Oh what a great song. You introduced me to that fantastic live album!

      The movie wasn't really doing so hot
      Said the new producer to the old big shot
      Its dying on the edge of the great midwest
      Sabu must tour or forever rest.
      Hey look ma
      Here comes the elephant boy
      Bundled all up in his corduroy
      Headed down south towards illinois
      From the jungles of east st. paul.
      His manager sat in the office alone
      Staring at the numbers on the telephone
      Wondering how a man could send a child actor
      To visit in the land of the wind chill factor.
      Sabu was sad the whole tour stunk
      The airlines lost the elephant's trunk
      The roadie got the rabies and the scabies and the flu
      They was low on morale but they was high on.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad. I only am willing to like it because the elephant is smiling.


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