Friday, May 15, 2020

Summing up the Coronavirus

Yes, I know we have a long, long way to go. As we head towards roughly our fourth month of Pandemic I am beginning to catch on that science is slow, conclusions are for after the facts, and that not only has all the Coronavirus information become emotionally charged, politicized, and complex, but it is also still gathering and shifting and revealing new things every day.

In America it seems as if the things we know inch forward and are regularly partially retracted, whereas what we don't know flourishes under each Governmental action and every privately posed question.

But despite all of this being true there are the immutable things that have happened so far. There is the unchangeable truth of death. And there are the things that cannot be unseen.

There is reality.

And though there is a terrible lot to go, and most of the story still to be written, we have also collected proofs.

They are in the pudding.

Here is our first pudding. Here is one true thing we have learned about America. A general statement, founded on the facts so far. By no means true on every personal level, and yet undeniable on the National one:

America just fucking hates its grandparents.

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