Saturday, June 20, 2020

A motto

I took care of several things all at once while running requests out to our pick up table in the course of my library's curbside book delivery. Then, suddenly, it came to me:

So many birds, so few stones.

So many birds, so few stones.
So many birds, so few stones.
So many birds, so few stones.

For a moment I was terribly pleased at my cleverness until I realized that I don't want to hurt any birds, and it all fell apart.

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  1. Good point about scaling up. The population of Concord, NH, is about 25,000, about one tenth of the size of Ramsey County (excluding St. Paul). So how about some stats: How many transactions are you dealing with for each hour you're open? And how does that compare to transactions in normal circumstances? Yes, I recognize that this isn't a fair comparison, since now all transactions require staff intervention.
    And another question: Has maintaining these hours and all allowed the county to keep all library staff employed? If it has, I'll happily cut them some slack.
    And are the numbers comparable for SV and MP?


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