Friday, June 5, 2020

I know you are but what am I?

Of course it's not always true.

Nothing ever is.

But often enough, when we talk about others, we talk about ourselves.

Look around you right now.

It is evident these days like never before in our National discourse. Our very President is almost a pure caricature of the idea, ranting about nasty people, extremely low I. Q. nut jobs, disdaining the deep state and swamps, and railing about failed, clueless, lying dopes who are all weak and phony, all in the process of being an almost perfect expression of those exact descriptors.

But look at me throwing around the stones. What then does this say about me?

I think I have always tried to be clear on the point:

I am a megalomaniac; a self absorbed, uncaring tyrant of a tiny, miserable, bitterly failed kingdom,

redeemed a thousand times a day, nearly against my will,

by love.

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