Monday, July 13, 2020


When I go out on my photographing rounds I take about 125 pictures. Not all of them have to turn out perfectly. I can live with, say, zero out of 125 of the pictures turning out really well. But there is one proviso: I have to have hope.

I have to believe one of the pictures might turn out really well. 

It's a lot like my writing when it comes down to it.

I love to quote Emily Dickinson saying:

"Hope is the thing with feathers."

Although I generally I like to misquote it as:

"Hope is the thing without feathers."

So it can be a bit of a shock when I have to look it up and quote it accurately.

What does it mean?

Oh, that's easy. It means hope is like a naked bird who has nothing but its dreams. It cannot fly, but it can dream of flying.

You meant what does the actual quote mean?

I don't know. Something probably super clever. She was a genius! She flies!

But I'm more of a naked bird. I just dream of flying.

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