Friday, July 3, 2020

Our cast of characters

The most common question people ask me at clerkmanifesto is "What's the most common question that people ask you at clerkmanifesto?"

But the second most common question people ask me at clerkmanifesto is "How's your blog?"

"Oh. That's odd." You reply. "I would have thought the second most common question people asked you at clerkmanifesto was "What's the second most common question people ask you at clerkmanifesto?".

No, that wouldn't have been so funny since we already sort of did that joke with the first question and people were maybe expecting it again, but not really looking forward to it.

"Oh. So did I ruin it by asking. Was I...

not funny?"

No. You were just great, see, because everyone was relieved that the joke was all over, and then you came up and reminded everyone of what everyone was thinking and wasn't going to say, and so it was funny and nice and everyone liked you a lot.

"They liked me?"

I mean, who wouldn't?



"So, how's your blog?"

It's exactly the same as how you are at every moment.

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