Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Product review: EO hand soap, french lavender

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Today we are reviewing:

EO Hand Soap

French Lavender

This is a hand soap. It works! No one in my house appears to have gotten Coronavirus, and my hands are generally clean after I use the product, though they are invariably wet, so I should note this product generally requires the use of a towel. 

See my towel reviews in the following post numbers:









11,882,976 and etc...

My favorite hand soap smell is what I'd call "lemon candy", but this lavender smell is a great, clean scent. The soap has a pure, dense feel to it. In presentation and scent EO hand soap is keen to portray itself as "Natural". I don't even know what that means looking at their ingredient list, which has its share of... stuff. Nevertheless, I'm pretty much sold on its natural bona fides, being a bit of sucker for that sort of thing. 

This is by no means a "cheap" hand soap, but I am willing to say with this product "You get what you pay for". The EO Company understands this pretty well (wink wink, see: this review). I do recommend this fresh and appealing smelling soap with one quite serious caveat:

There is a terrible flaw on the packaging!

I'll let you take a look:

You surely see it, right?

Natural beauty begins with be?

Unh-uh, EO. Natural beauty begins with Na.


So, anyway, good soap:



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  1. Charming review. In exchange, I offer you the cartoon on page 84 of the june 22 New Yorker. Or maybe June 15/22, it might have been a double issue. In any case, it made me think of you and your travels.

    I hope your library labors are going well. I'm annoyed with my new "home" library. I picked up a book, curbside, on 6/24. They say it was due on...6/24. And is therefore overdue. Four others I have returned but they haven't been checked in, after 5 days. And I can't make any new requests because I have five books out. Except, I don't. And five is the maximum.

    I've been spoiled, having all of MELSA plus Wilson Library. Now I have one library that serves a population of about 25,000. OK, ending of whining. Hope you're staying healthy.

    1. All very interesting. Like much in life when I hear of restrictions at other libraries I am generally shocked and intrigued. Five item limit seems crazy, but maybe something about such a small system makes it sensible? We are so terrible at handling this crisis here I can hardly speak about it civilly, and yet nationwide we seem to be slightly above average, a truth that horrifies me.

      I'm so glad you liked the review!


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