Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The framing pictures

As promised here are some more of the framing pictures and not a lot of commentary. And by "not a lot" I mean "A medium amount" because I'm me.

As you see I have moved more into decorative papers for my frames (from Rome no less!). The joy of using decorative paper from Rome is that when I use it I feel that I urgently need to go back there to replace it.

They'll let us back one day.

Usually I avoid ants when they start wandering around the flowers, but this tableau made me feel more positive about them...

One of the first lessons I've learned is to make sure to overlap the flower in the frame or it looks a little like it's all done post processing. For my level of photography most of it comes down to focus after that...

I don't know how to describe this except that it makes me queasy. This is the quality I look for in my pictures.

Here's where I started combining elements. You'll probably see more dead leaves tomorrow. Not long ago I wondered: What will I do in the Fall with all the leaves. 

I guess I've already started...

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