Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The photography detour

We're still on our photography detour while I work out how mad I am at my library job during the pandemic and try to find some way through. For now, there's always the flowers.

Hey people, remember that there's always the flowers. It won't do much, but the flowers need to be flattered and we all must do our part.

Where we last left it off we were developing our framing, which, to put it indelicately, is where we plop tiny ornate frames over the flowers in the field, or, more accurately, in the yards of our neighbors, while old ladies peer out their screen doors and give us suspicious looks. We were developmentally moving from ornate, Italian papers to using natural elements like leaves. But today it's maybe more of a hodge podge of pictures I haven't had an opportunity to present on blog instead of a full development of our aesthetic schemes.

Nevertheless here is sort of where we left off:

This ahead is an experiment with using leaves as masks that only rarely worked, but I feel is worth further exploration:

This lead to basically putting found things on found things, like this eroded leaf on the petals of a flower.

I still have this leaf!

This one is just a straight up picture of a Hosta leaf doing its strange thing.

And then finally one last framed one that makes me want to go out and buy a lot of very expensive and exotic decorated papers:


  1. The framing effect is very interesting. I'm partial to/intrigued by the one framed with green leaves. I'd like to see that one with more context, as I try to sort out what's on top of what. In a way, it seems like one of those visual puzzles, like the old woman/young woman that I'm sure you've seen at some point.

    And for sure, go out and buy fancy, expensive paper. If this had been going on before I started to clean out the house, I'd have given you stacks. [Fancy, yes; expensive, not so much.]

    It's very nice the way that you are allowing your audience to follow your explorations. It's a long way from the graffiti on trains and trestles.

    I took pictures at the Concord library yesterday, but now I can't find the cord that links the camera to the laptop. Time for a quick visit to Staples for a replacement. Upon bringing it home, I will promptly find the old one and probably two others. I hope that I'll get them into the blog tonight.

    Mask up, stay healthy, to hell with the library.

    1. I am, even as I write, masked!

      I'm glad you like the explorations. I like the idea, and sometimes ones work almost just like I'm thinking/hoping, but maybe not quite... I can see what you mean about the puzzles and wanted from the start to make a bit of a mishmash of elements, which is in conflict with my desire to make them all really pretty maybe. Either way, there'll be more since blog with pictures stuff sort of lags a couple weeks behind what I'm actually taking pictures of.

      Thanks for saying "to hell with the library". I find it strangely... heartening.

      I look forward to the Concord pictures, though I was happy to see Frankie and Teddy.

    2. I entered the Concord pictures this evening, as you probably know since you are "following." I appear to have 65 followers, but that is bogus because there are a couple of duplicates, one is me, and at least one died last winter. Not Covid-19.

      Once you've seen the concord pictures I'd be interested to read what RCL is doing and where they are in the process of reopening. If you can bear to write about that.


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