Saturday, August 22, 2020

Library lobby greeter

Sometimes under our current set-up at my library we library workers are scheduled to staff an entry desk in the lobby. There we act as a sort of greeter/explainer/traffic control. We don't have a computer out there, and we're fairly remote from everything else in the library, and it can get pretty quiet on that distant desk at times.

I love it to pieces.

However some of my colleagues have complained about it being boring.

I want to help my co-workers be as happy as me, so I suggest they do what I do when I'm stationed in the lobby: 

1. Think up hilarious jokes for the library patrons when they arrive at our totally empty library, like:

     A. I'm sorry but we're at our full capacity of zero so you'll have to wait until someone leaves before you can go in.


     B. Are you here to pick up a hold or are you here for our Chinese Buffet?

2. Draw bug hearts and self portraits all over our promotional literature.

I'd be delighted to show anyone how to draw a bug heart, but no one has ever asked.

3. Explain everything to everyone with lots of detail.

That's what I'm doing right now and look how much fun we're having!

4. Gather wool.

I'm pretty happy just gathering, but taking up knitting is always an option.

1 comment:

  1. Well, how DO you draw a bug heart? I might need to know this some day. The library here in Concord has a table with plexiglass screens and always two library staff; their job is to ask anyone entering the Three Questions. I generally beat them to it, saying "No contact, no symptoms, no travel," and in I go. TAnd of course they are checking for masks. I don't know what they would do if an unmasked patron showed up. The table is sometimes outside and sometimes in the vestibule, depending on weather.

    And that bug heart?


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