Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Library three times a day

Work is all full of people I know.

And who know me.

They tell me about their lunch, or little pieces of their dreams, or about a book, or they tell me nothing at all.

They say "Hi" when I arrive.

They hold the door for me when I leave.

And during the long days and nights we circle each other like planets, drifting vastly apart in the wings of a library full of different purposes, only to come near yet again into the same tiny orbit and a shared purpose:

Answer the phones.

Help at the desk.

Process the requests.

Work out with each other everything we think is wrong with this place.

At home I am never lonely, thank the gods. But at work I am lonely like healthy meal habits; three times a day.

Everything is regular here and vast and far apart. We run in orbits. At work we circle the Sun once a day.

And what is the Sun in this metaphor?

Please don't ask such a lonely question. 

I have already used up my three times today.

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