Sunday, August 23, 2020

The desk again

Lately I have been out at the front entry desk of the library for an hour every early evening. I have been telling you all about it here in this very blog, I mean whenever I'm not invading the personal space of butterflies or astounding you with pictures of...


I sit here at this desk and wave people into the library. When they leave with a book I say to them:

"Come back when you've read all the words in that one!"

It invariably grows quiet and I watch the flag blow around in the wind outside. Sometimes it rains. Once it rained and I told you all about it.

Sometimes I get real quiet and calm here. Then I see crows screwing around on the antenna of the tall building across the street and I get kind of...


I've gotta admit, I'm just killing it at this job. They could pay me a fortune to do it and I'd still be worth it.

But the thing is...

I'd even do this job for just what they pay me right now.

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