Sunday, September 20, 2020

Perfect candidate




The election has begun at my library where we are an early voting site. So far the lines have been prodigious, and the first day saw waits that were never less than an hour and were often a fair bit more.

People are kind of keyed up about this voting thing.

As I write it's a Saturday and there is no early voting, which is strictly Monday to Friday. Regardless people still keep coming in to try and vote today. After giving them the bad news I tell them that they can inform me who they'd like to vote for and I can pass it along to the election judges on Monday. When they take me up on it I always like to suggest myself for the Presidency. "I'm non partisan, I have a lot of super fun ideas, and I am very, very, very, very ethical!"

To my surprise they do consider it for a moment, but they always choose someone else.

No worries. I put my name down anyway.





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