Sunday, September 13, 2020

Romantic comedy preview


(Over shots of busy hospital wards, quarantined, empty city streets, and people on ventilators) 

The Pandemic was a terrible time for almost everyone. 

(Shot of a man with a horrible, almost disfigured mouth and jaw, looking sadly into a mirror) 

But for George... 

(Shot now of a woman with a cleft lip and wildly jutting teeth, also looking sadly into a mirror) 

And for Emily, it was 

(Shot of the two of them, splitscreen, in front of their mirrors, putting on their face masks) 

a dream come true. 

(In their masks George and Emily look great and very "normal").

(Cut to a shot of a comically socially distanced party) 

But when George and Emily meet the partners of their dreams, 

("Sparks" fly as George and Emily lay eyes on each other in their masks)

how long can they hide behind:

"The Masks"

(Cut to scene of George and Emily, still in masks, sitting romantically together with untouched glasses of red wine, before a Christmas decorated fireplace).

Emily: (Nervously) Should we take off our masks?

George: (Longingly) Yes. NO!

Emily: Right! No! Because...

George: Because...

Emily: (Desperately) Because it would be wrong!

George: (Eager) It would be wrong to the safety of our grandparents!

Emily: (Wistfully) I love my grandparents.

George: I love my grandparents!

(They kiss while wearing masks)

This Holiday Season:

(Splitscreen of George and Emily again, in their mirrors, without masks, trying to make their faces look more normal)

When a Pandemic hides the truth,

(Ambiguous shot of them looking at each other without masks)

Maybe dreams can still come true!

(Back to splitscreen where they put on their masks)

"The Masks"

Streaming exclusively starting Thanksgiving Day.

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