Monday, September 7, 2020

The "What am I?" game

In the "What am I?" game, I show you a picture, and you guess what the picture is of! Because pictures are accurate representations of reality, this will be easy and you will win huge prizes. You might have to rent a storage locker somewhere to store all your prizes.

The only thing that makes it a tiny bit harder is that the pictures are kind of close up. So it probably helps if you're the sort of person who looks very closely at everything. But since that's what I think of as the defining characteristic of my readership I am pretty sure the prize floodgates will be imminently swinging open!

So submit your solutions in the comments section below and then start watching your mailbox.

Two answers correct:    100 amazing prizes!

Three answers correct:    1,000 super valuable amazing prizes and 17 grand prizes and two sweepstakes prizes and ten bonus prizes to everyone who submitted any answers at all!

Four answers correct:    And the whole World is now yours. Solve global warning. End the pandemic. Or just build the biggest library ever. It's all up to you!


I'm nervous too. But remember, there is no time limit.


Okay then.

Number 1.  Tell me, what am I?

Number 2.  Tell me, what am I?

Number 3.  Tell me, what am I?

Number 4.  Tell me, what am I?


  1. 1. ghosts
    2. sea shell
    3. Ninja Turtle babies
    4. about 1/3 over from the bottom left corner, there is an alien face with closed eyes. everything around the face is what the face is dreaming.


    1. So, so, SO close!

      In fact, you might be right and I might be wrong?

      I'll send a few dozen prizes just to be safe.


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