Friday, October 16, 2020

A sad tale of injury






Are you ever working really hard on something, maybe building repairs, or gardening, and perhaps you hit or scrape your hand, and it hurts, but you're too involved in what you're doing to really notice, so you keep going, and it hurts a little, but you figure it's just a bump and the pain will fade away.

But the pain doesn't fade away at all and now you have a moment, and it hurts, so you look down and your hand is like dripping blood?

Funnily enough something similar happened to me today!

I was working pretty intensely on my library's self check in machine, and I guess I hit or pinched my right pointer finger. I don't even particularly remember when. I just remember this expectation the small bruising pain would fade away. But after awhile it didn't fade, it maybe even hurt a bit worse. So I looked down and the whole bottom of my nail was all black.


There is no moral to this story. It's just me, six hours later, repeatedly thinking, "Ow, my finger hurts." 


  1. are you going to the doctor
    will you put nail polish on to hide the black
    does it still hurt
    is it spreading to other nails
    have your coworkers said anything
    will it affect your photography
    is it likely to happen again

    1. No
      And hide my cool wound? No.
      No fortunately.
      Can it do that?!!!!!
      No. Weird, huh?
      For a short time it made it better in the way that pain can deepen art, but it doesn't hurt anymore so I think that's it.
      It could, but it's unlikely anytime soon. I'm on the lookout!

      Thank you for your interest.

  2. how is it feeling since I last asked
    are you okay
    do you think about it when you're cooking
    is it changing hue
    do you feel a little tough with the injury, like james dean
    have you talked to the newspapers about it
    what do you think lionel messi would say
    do you think your other fingers are concerned
    on a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt now

    1. About the same.
      I have tapped on depths I did not know I had! Well, maybe I knew, and they weren't that deep.
      It's still pretty black. I have been thinking of taking a picture of it.
      Very much so, though more like Bogart.
      The newspapers should be so lucky!
      Something I wouldn't understand in Spanish. But, gosh.
      They were, but they were very supportive. They're a good team!

  3. do you think your nail will fall off
    do you use ice
    if your nail falls off, will you keep it
    should you report this injury to hr
    have any patrons said anything

    1. At first there was a lot of speculation in that direction, but now I'm pretty sure no.
      No, brrrr. It snowed here this morning!!!
      I thought about it, but now that it looks like I'll keep my finger, I'm okay that I didn't.
      No, huh, weird!

      Thanks for your persistent interest!

  4. have you thought about putting a pic on the blog, like an autumn injury kind of thing
    does it affect your sleep
    does it affect your dreams
    have you named it

    1. Yes. I even thought about doing a time lapse of it growing up out of the nail, but was overwhelmed by the sheer grandeur of such an undertaking.
      No. It would take a lot for anything to compete with leg and foot cramps in affecting my sleep.
      I haven't noticed, but clearly I need to pay attention and look for mystical dream symbols and signs!
      Announcing the 2020 finger wound clerkmanifesto contest:
      Name My Wound! Win prizes. All you have to do is enter and suggest a name for the black mark in my nail.

      Update: current leading name contender: "Smash" 2nd place: "Walter the Wound"

      Keep em coming! Voting closes the moment top black mark of injury hits the half way point up my nail.


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