Friday, October 23, 2020

October 23, a history, a joke, and Grape


On October 23rd this blog celebrates the birthday of longtime blog (and personal) friend Grape! We have been doing this for a long time. We do it because:

1. He is our very oldest friend.

2. It is a fun way to share zany stories of youthful hijinks.

3. He is a robust blog commentator!

4. Our dates of birth are only four days apart so it's all part of the grand festivities!

5. We like him.

This year we are going to do a little lookback at what we have covered in this blog on Grape birthdays gone by so that we know where we are in the mythosphere of our history as we go forward.

So far we have written at length about our various following adventures and misadventures:

1. The time we went swimming (accidentally) with hundreds of sharks!

2. The time we took massive amounts of one of the most powerful hallucinogens in the World, peyote, in some bat caves in the Southern California hills, but they didn't work, so we gave up and went bowling. Then they worked. They worked a lot!

3. The Summer we became obsessed with Miniature Golf and reinvented the sport for the ages.

4. The time we saw a herd of magic deer in the most beautiful valley in all of the High Sierras, and a rainbow formed over them, and then lightning struck behind them.

5. The time we almost died while reckless driving down Stunt Canyon Rd.

6. The time we put a rattlesnake in his mom's freezer, then dissected it in the bathroom on a sweltering Summer day as his family became increasingly suspicious.

7. The time we lit a fire while backpacking into the Mountains only to find it still burning when we were backpacking out.

8. The terrible bear and horse encounter of 1982!

That is a whole lot of events to have already covered in this blog!

This is a very old blog to have covered so much on merely a once a year basis!

All of this makes clerkmanifesto a super, impressively old blog.

But not as impressively old as me and Grape! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

So happy birthday to Grape!

And check this out, now that photos are legal on clerkmanifesto, I present to you...


Note: Grape is a children's book author who wrote the book "Grape"!

Note to Grape: The above photo would make an excellent author photo for the sequel to Grape that's coming out next year.


  1. Well...the chapters have moved along...we are two-thirds or more through the book...thank you for capturing the highlights...they are great memories except for the shame I felt knowing that indeed was our fire (from days earlier?) that we failed to put out entirely, and the look on the backpacker's face who asked/accused us...but I think we made up for it with all the swell things we've done...but the story isn't over yet...and I'm glad we're part of each other's.

    1. Thanks for weighing in. I honestly don't remember us as being accused in any way of the fire (at least in my memory). It was more like someone telling us about the incredibly irresponsible people who almost killed everyone and us being, like, "Unbelievable these amateur campers!" not suspecting it was US. But whatever the truth of how it went down, in our defense, it was really just a four day smolder. If it hadn't erupted into a cataclysmic inferno by then I'm sure it was all perfectly innocent as a forest fire goes and the little deers and chipmunks were able to warm themselves when they needed to for a few days for once. Plus we did go over and dump water all over it or something to finally put it out.
      To be honest it's a bit hazy and I prefer mulling over most of the other memories, even the terrible bear and horses memory is preferable.

      Two-thirds? I was thinking we'd live super long, so like half!

      Happy birthday.


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